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Outreach: to Increase Acceptance Worldwide

The Outreach programs at IIVS are geared towards strengthening and expanding the in vitro alternatives community through science-based advocacy, awareness and educational programs. The availability of sound alternative test methods is fundamentally important but to increase the acceptance of these methods, we need to publicize their availability and actively promote their use.

Our programs engage many different organizations and groups as well as the general public. We offer informative and educational workshops and seminars designed specifically for government regulators, validation authorities and the animal protection community. If you are interested in sponsoring a workshop or working with IIVS to develop a workshop for your organization please contact us.

Key Outreach Programs
In Vitro Alternatives Forum: This biannual meeting was established by IIVS to encourage dialog surrounding the use of alternative methods between stakeholders in industry, government and animal welfare organizations. Please visit the Events page for details on the next Forum.
Preparation of Background Review Documents on alternative methods for submission to agencies such as ECVAM and ICCVAM.
Participation in validation programs sponsored by government, individual companies and consortia that are geared towards acceptance of alternative test methods. Please visit the Validations Studies page for details on some of these current activities.
Expansion of the principals of the 7th Amendment to include USA.
Presentations on current science and policy at national and international meetings such as Society of Toxicology (SOT), SIVB, LINZ, Forinvitox, and others.
Facilitating private meetings in a neutral setting between parties negotiating solutions to complex issues surrounding the use of alternatives in the field.
Maintenance of our informative website providing an easily accessible knowledge base for the the alternatives community

The scope and success of our Outreach program would not be possible without the generous support of our contributors. If you would like to add your support to our programs, please contact us.